Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging

Inclusion and the continual enhancement of my perspective on an inclusive world are what move me.

20 years of global DEI&B Consultancy, Strategy & Conceptual DEI&B Engineering

Leading the way in diversity and equity for over 20 years, serving local and global businesses, NGOs, and governments.
Conceptual engineering to refine from actual needs to concrete actions, completely adapted to your journey and needs.
Here some of global leading companies organisations worked directly with or in collaboration with Pluriubs as Senior Associate and Strategy Director, as a Senior Consultant at WMFPD, and as a facilitator at Jump

“It’s not about good and bad; humankind is not binary.”


- Alan De Bruyne

“We must celebrate all kinds of diversity, without forgetting that for some of us, the struggle to find a place at the table is harder.”


- Alan De Bruyne

“You can never achieve perfection in inclusion—it’s a continuous learning process.”

- Alan De Bruyne

Strategic advice

Let’s blend our knowledge for powerful change. You understand your company and market; I specialize in sustainable DEIB strategies. Together, we’ll craft dynamic strategies for change, both inside and out. Always tailored to enhance your processes, ensuring budget efficiency and in-depth analysis.

Tailor made products

We’re diving deep into your organization, together. Through co-creation, analysis of past actions, and cultural analysis, we develop a product specifically designed for your organization’s unique context, goals, and needs. This approach ensures a meaningful and sustainable learning experience for your organization.

Interactive safe workshop

In co-creation, we design customized sessions covering inclusive leadership, awareness, DEIB at work, unconscious bias, and topics like LGBTQI+ and gender stereotyping. Participants gain tools and insights to promote inclusion and understand its business impact.

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