Why iN-Clue is such a game-changer

This is not talking about diversity and inclusion.

This is experiencing diversity and inclusion.

- Alan De Bruyne

We’re navigating a period of contrast: focusing on minority groups has unintentionally made the majority feel left out. Ironically, our efforts to broaden inclusion have resulted in a sense of exclusion among insiders. In our attempt to expand the table, we’ve neglected the majority.

The iN-Clue conversation cards are an accessible DEI tool for everyone in the company to appreciate and embrace diversity, nurturing a culture of inclusion in a way that’s unparalleled in the market. The cards offer an innovative and unprecedented method to safely connect with one another, likely in ways you’ve never experienced before.

iN-Clue brings together the Holy Trinity needed for change towards inclusion: Time, Space, and Language.

All you need is one hour per month over six months (time), a meeting room (space), and the In-Clue conversation cards (language).

The cards can be adapted to any language and culture.

Revolutionary in the DEI&B landscape: Conversation Cards by iN-Clue will break new ground by offering channels for connections across all levels of your organization without the need for an external facilitator.

Redefine the meaning of inclusion

Unlock lasting change and revolutionize team dynamics with In-Clue conversation cards. In just six months, watch these cards weave inclusion into your team’s everyday conversations through a shared language, open discussions, and continuous feedback.

Find similarities in differences

Discover and celebrate what makes us unique and alike with In-Clue conversation cards, individually and in groups. Dive into diversity, spark empathy, and transform your organization—one card, one conversation at a time.

Facilitate meaningful dialogues

Unlock open, brave conversations about diversity, inclusion and belonging with In-Clue cards with a bottom-up approach. Gather valuable insights and feedback directly from your team. This forms the foundation for strategies that enhance inclusivity, identify diversity gaps, and suggest actionable solutions.

What clients say

The iN-Clue Conversation Cards are based on interviews and are really designed to incorporate the experiences of others rather than imposing our own. We quickly dropped the word ‘training’; it’s not about that. Instead, it’s about creating an opportunity for people to (re)connect on a personal level, to experience what a safe place feels like, and to be heard. The approach is very simple and gamified, yet at the same time, it’s highly disruptive.”

- Marie Flourié - Global DEI Program Manager @Solvay

Recently, Alan came up with beautifully designed and well thought out conversation cards which are change makers in the DEI&B landscape. A pleasure to explore them and see the impact they have.”

- Berna Cogun - Head, ODD and Change Management @NATO

“An even-handed evaluation of the many dimensions that color our everyday view of ourselves and one another, the conversation cards invite us to take stock of just what is built into our idea of “me”. Beyond this, the cards then challenge us to understand how these dimensions of identity have informed our perspectives, experiences, advantages, and disadvantages through the lense of experiences had by our friends, coworkers, and family members. The process is a humbling one that gives us the opportunity to connect with those around us in a manner that is often only found in the most extraordinary of circumstances.”

- Kaiya Smith - DEI Project manager @Syensqo

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