Mission & Services

Building successful businesses through inclusion & belonging.


Strategic Advice

Expert guidance for the seamless integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to drive sustainable  cultural and attitudinal changes.

This includes consultancy guidance on how to implement a DEI&B strategy for effective change outcome

Tailor made products

Always tailored to your unique needs. Products are designed to provide insights into specific areas of diversity, promoting awareness, understanding, and fueling a passion for inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

For example:

  • Keynote speaker: an interactive workshop with a mental understanding of the topic.
  • In-Clue conversation cards
  • LGBTQI+ Awareness event
  • Finding your voice in a divers workspace inclusive teambuilding activity
  • Any intervention focusing on specific dimensions of diversity.
  • Any workshop can be focused on targeted audience like marketing, hiring, HR, …

Interactive brave workshop

An interactive DEI&B workshop designed to sustainably engage participants and cultivate understanding in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Participants will discover a brave and engaging space that prioritizes dialogue, understanding, and respect.

For example:

  • DEI&B Awareness workshop
  • Leadership change management
  • Men inclusive Leadership workshop
  • Women inclusive leadership Workshop
  • Train the facilitators
  • Roll out and amplify global workshops and or incentives

What clients say

I have been working with Alan for multiple years. He always amazes me with his expertise and  human-centric, bright and agile approach. Participants always leave his workshops feeling seen, heard, and valued and inspired to make a difference.”

- Berna Cogun
- Head, ODD and Change Management @NATO

“With his disarming sincerity and inviting personality, Alan always succeeds in triggering a deep process of reflection in all participants. No one remains unmoved, and for many, including myself, the training drastically changed their worldview.”

- Stephanie Cols - HR responsible @L’Oréal Benelux

“Alan is a charismatic individual and an excellent presenter. His keynote on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) was inspiring and thought-provoking. He successfully explained why it’s essential and the benefits DEI initiatives can have on employees and organizations in an interactive webinar. Alan is the ideal person to help bridge the knowledge gap and provide actionable insights we can all use in our professional and personal lives.”


- Derek Welbeck - Content Specialist @Materialise

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are high on the L’Oréal Benelux agenda. They fuel innovation, nurture creativity, and reinforce our commitment to inclusivity both within the workplace and beyond. Alan’s unique creative approach, motivation, and ability to inspire our learners have significantly contributed to fostering a positive mindset towards embracing diversity.”

- Yasmin Wortmann – HR Learning Manager @L’Oréal Benelux

“Alan is an invaluable member of the Zij-kant board. His background in diversity and inclusion brings an intersectional perspective to our brainstorms and board meetings. He provides fresh insights and is unafraid to dig deep, decisively advocating for positive change while acknowledging our successes. Respectful and constructive, yet incisive and critical when necessary, Alan elevates our non-profit organization to new heights.”

- Julie Van Garsse - Directeur – Zij-kant @De progressieve vrouwenbeweging

“Alan has the power to redefine the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion narrative within your organization. Through carefully selected exercises in workshops, the right words, and impactful stories, he opens leaders’ eyes. By reaching their hearts, he inspires a purposeful commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace.”

- Louisa Marechal-fabre - Head of CSR Benelux @Saint Gobain

“I appreciate your openness, flexibility, and honesty, and it’s clear that your actions are driven by a passion to make the world a better place. I am especially impressed by your interpersonal and communication skills, which allow you to connect with everyone in the room and bring them on board—even the most resistant and challenging individuals.”

- Mehves Gupgup - Assistant Manager Sales Department @DENSO Belgium N.V.

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